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Start with own content or use our database with 25+ million articles in 14 languages from more than 3500 news sources online.

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Mark content from source
Content particles
Beautify your content
SEO analyzer
  • Projects Easy management

  • Keyword overview

    Research new articles on desired keywords

  • Create project piles

    Related projects merged into scenarios

  • Custom sources

    Use our huge article database or enter own news sources

  • Goals

    Define goals related to size and quality

  • Sources management Data scraper

  • Extract meaningful content

    Any any relevant text from our huge database

  • Keep sources

    Each particle carrying its own source through whole project

  • Article extractor Preview and select

  • Select what you want

    Review collected data and use parts that fits your needs

  • Readability scores

    Basic SEO on selected parts

  • Review selected parts Manage sources

  • Organize and reorder

    Easy management

  • RE-WRITE WYSIWYG powerful editor

  • Auto SEO checker

    As-you-write live checkup

  • Keep sources

    Even when you type-in new content

  • Tools Text checkup

  • Keyword density insights

    Overall but also header, main content, conclusion per keyword

  • Readability scores

    (Flesch, Gunning Fog, Dale Chall, Spache)

  • Extract text keywords and summary
  • View words root with stemmer
  • Check text uniqness
    Against largest article database online
  • Synonym and thesaurus replacement
  • Journalist

  • Bloggers

  • Writers


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